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Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants

Champion Full Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid - 6/1 Quart

Champion Full Synthetic Racing Power Steering Fluid - 6/1 Quart

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CHAMPION FULL SYNTHETIC RACING POWER STEERING FLUID is formulated to meet the specific performance demands of today’s high performance racing power steering systems. Purpose built with a higher viscosity than conventional power steering fluids, helping provide superior protection and performance.

  •  Exceptional anti-wear properties that help protect system
  •  Anti-foam agents help prevent pump cavitation
  •  Anti-oxidant properties that help stop the formation of sludge
  •  Stable viscosity under high speed / high temp operation

 Reduces temperature and delivers consistent steering response. Exceptional flow capabilities reduces initial drag on the pump, and the fully synthetic formula provides improved thermal stability for less pressure drop as temperatures rise during competition. Offers high temperature foam resistance for better cooling and improved steering precision. Helps to prevent steering fade and improved shear stability for better performance under high stress racing applications.

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