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Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants

Classic & Muscle 20W-50 SynBlend High-Zinc Motor Oil - 6/1 Quart

Classic & Muscle 20W-50 SynBlend High-Zinc Motor Oil - 6/1 Quart

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CHAMPION CLASSIC & MUSCLE 20w-50 synthetic blend motor oils contain Champion’s exclusive TVS®(Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer) technology delivering unmatched film strength at high temperature, better piston ring seal for maximum compression, and increases the foot-pounds of torque in most engines. These oils also contain special lubricity modifiers to reduce friction which unlock the full potential of any engine.

The main anti-wear additive in Champion’s Classic and Muscle Motor Oil is Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP).  There are other anti-wear additives but Zinc is the may be the most well-known oil additives found in any “purpose-built” oil. In much the same way that aspirin cures many ailments, ZDDPs provide many benefits to lubricating oils, especially engine oils.

This class of additives delivers the anti-wear film necessary to protect metal parts under mixed lubrication where metal-to metal contact can occur. They function by adhering to the metal in the engine and are activated as metal-to-metal contact causes temperatures and pressures to rise.

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