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Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants

4 – Cycle Lawn Mower Oil - 12/1 Quart

4 – Cycle Lawn Mower Oil - 12/1 Quart

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Champion 4-Cycle Lawnmower Engine Oil is formulated for use in 4-cycle lawnmower engines operating at high temperature in dirty environments.

It contains carefully balanced additive chemistry optimized to deliver premium performance in anti-wear protection. The new technology incorporated in this latest generation lubricant enables it to exceed manufacturers’ performance requirements.

This 30 weight mono-grade is made using highly pure water white mineral oils demonstrating very low volatility for optimum shear stability preventing engine wear, extending gear life, and maximizing engine life.

Recommended and preferred for use in Briggs & Stratton® , Robin®, Kohler®, Tecumseh®, and Honda® air-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engines.

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